CMUQ: Club$ and Organi$ation$

by All Around CMU-Q

By Mohammed AlHadhrami

“I personally believe that students have the right to know where their money is going therefore the process of budget allocation should be transparent and for the first time the budgets are published in All Around. The total student budgets have increased from QAR 250,000 to 265,000 this year and this is due to the increase of the student body. Last year the budget was fully used although there was an intervention from student Majlis to use the budget that was allocated to a few organizations but not used. This year we have improved the allo- cation process and included various factors to determine the budgets for organization. These factors include previous history of existing organizations, how they utilized their previous budgets and their future proposed plans. For new organizations we have reviewed their plans and imposed a limit of QAR 4,000 as a chance for the organization to prove itself. Aside from that, this year there has been an increase in the budget for special allocation. This is to allow organizations that successfully implement their plans and spend efficiently to get more allocation to continue their success. We have also initiated a monthly organizations meeting that will be a platform for collaboration. Finally, we hope that this year’s organizations will be active and implement their great plans as promised.” –Former VP of Finance

Click on the image below for a breakdown of each clubs budget!

Clubs & Orgs Budget

So, Tartans, do you think each club are putting their money into good use? Comment and let us know what you think!