Ahmeek: more than just a campaign!

by All Around CMU-Q

By, Mohammed Al-Matwi.

Doha community engagement program believed in my creativity and my capability of organizing a campaign that would raise awareness and help my community. Ahmeek came is an unusual campaign that need actors and volunteers from all age groups to do “flash mobs” that illustrate scenes related to car safety and accidents.  The idea of such mobs was already there in many countries of the world, but I wanted to see it here in Qatar and CMU. It took me the guts and potential to apply for the idea and getting support from DCEP helped me to start and build a campaign from scratch by myself. I know you have something there in your mind you always  wanted to see happen,  but you’re not sure how or where it can happen I assure you I was in your shoes, yet, I believed in my idea  and it came to live with the support of CMU. Special thanks the student affair, especially Dalia Rehal and all my actors and volunteers “Ahmeek” wasn’t going to come to live without you, Thank you.