Debating Society’s International Title Dream: Ended Before It Could Grow?

by All Around CMU-Q

By Bushra Memon

CMUQ’s Debating Society, one of the most outstanding organisations in the EC, has struggled this year to be able to compete in the International Championship. Having travelled to Australia last year for the same tournament, the Debate Club tried to reclaim this opportunity this year as well but with little success. “We could not make the payment on time to reserve our spot”, said Dana Al-Ansari, the club President, eluding to the fact that they were not able to co-ordinate with the Student Affairs to reserve CMUQ’s place in the tournament. The question arises, who is to blame? Dana added that the Student Affairs policies first needed them to reserve their spot and then make the payment whereas the according to the Championship’s norms, a team’s place would only be reserved once they make the payment. Does this mean that CMUQ debaters will not be able to make an appearance in the International Championships? If Student Affairs’ policies remain the same, then that is the most likely outcome, as the club cannot afford to pay from their budget every year for this.

Despite of the  Dabating Society’s international participation’s future appearing grim, the club is growing with the number of members having reached 30 from last year’s 8. The club is able to conduct two simultaneous debates every Sunday during their practice sessions. In the recent Qatar University Debate League (QUDL) competition held in Georgetown university, CMUQ’s Tarek Al-Hariri and Mohammed Benkermi stood second in overall rankings. The new debaters seem to be very excited about the QUDL session that is going to be held in January in CMUQ and hope to participate and win laurels for the University.