Fashionable Professors

by All Around CMU-Q

By Shamma Al Hetmi, Sara Al Sulaiti and Nourhen Fikki

Here at All Around, our Fashion editors thought it was time to put our mentors and university faculty in the spotlight. What better way to do that than nominating faculty as the campus’s best dressed? It was a challenge that our writers were excited to take. After rounds of walking around campus, taking votes and surveying friends, the team has found our four noteworthy professors.


Alex Cheek | Assistant Teaching Professor of the Practice of Design

Professor Alex Cheek definitely has style. His modern professional look is noted for being chic and mature. His attention to detail is flawless as he often wears customer tailored shirts and likes to add a little bit of color to his look. He likes to accessorize with wristwatches, saying that he prefers to have a number of affordable watches that are unique instead of having one designer watch that is expensive.


Marion Oliver | Teaching Professor, Mathematics

Professor Marion Oliver is not only loved by all of his students for his fun and friendly personality, but also for his amazing and noteworthy professional style. Marion Oliver is one fashionable professor through his signature bowtie and colorful sweater vests. He often wears suits that can be described as professional, mature and classy.



Selma Limam Mansar | Associate Teaching Professor, Information Systems 

Loved by the entire I.S. student population, professor Selma’s style is one of the most chic and unique styles at Carnegie Mellon in Qatar. She likes to dress professionally and conservatively. She often wears impeccably tailored suites, trousers and dresses, and likes to accessorize necklaces and timeless unique pieces that she acquires from her hometown in Tunisia. Professor Selma’s style can be described as classy and modern.



David Gray | Assistant Teaching Professor, Philosophy

Professor David Gray is noted for his unique style. His modern business casual look is noted for being paired with both casual and dressy apparel. The detail on his bowtie is gorgeous and paired with the grey and black jacket makes the entire ensemble fun and chic. Professor Gray definitely makes it on our top best-dressed list.