Sports Round-Up

by All Around CMU-Q


The last one month of games was much better comparatively for the CMUQ Men’s football team. After losing the points against Northwestern University, CMUQ gained winning points in the second game when their opponents UCL failed to show up. The third game however ended in a loss to Georgetown University which came as a shock to many. CMUQ had always been better and defeated GU in almost matches prior to this one. However, looks like GU has come back with a new and improved team, thanks to some great freshmen players on the squad. In the following week CMUQ managed to pull off a convincing 3-1 victory against old rivals, ABP.

The season is about to wrap up and CMUQ is still in the hunt for the title. However, unlike the last two years, it does not look like an easy win for CMUQ this season. They will need to battle it out in the coming few weeks and hope that TAMUQ underperform in a couple of their matches in order to get the title.


This semester, the table-tennis club seems really active and has organized tournaments in association with the entertainment club. The first tournament was a huge success in which about 24 players participated. The games were conducted on two tables that were placed in the East-West walkway and the event did gather a lot of attention during entertainment night. The tournament was organized on a knockout basis. The 24 players each had a minimum of one match and depending on their performance; they proceeded to the following rounds.

At the end of the day, several new talents were discovered and Noorulhuda Admaney emerged as the champion of CMUQ. In a keenly contested final, Noor managed to make the right moves and grab the title. Prizes were awarded to the top contenders as well. As encouragement for these players, the prizes awarded were professional table-tennis paddles which could really help improve the level of their games.


UntitledSource: Safwen Amor

The famous CMUQ volleyball socials continue to take place at the Student Center every Monday at 6p.m. Although there haven’t been any tournaments as yet this semester, there is a high possibility that there will be a tournament early next semester in commemoration of sports day on February 14th. In any case, there are many players that CMUQ can be proud of and can pitch a team at any time if the occasion rises. The socials are really popular and continue to attract several players, not just from CMUQ, but also from all over Education City. And of course, CMUQ still has the title of defending champions in EC!