Tarnival: A Day To Remember!

by All Around CMU-Q

By Hassan Salatt & Salma Al-Sulaiti

Halfway through the semester, students are started to get exhausted, courses are getting more difficult, deadlines are approaching and midterms are over. It was perfect time to have our yearly Tarnival, to release stress and play games. As we were informed that Tarnival (short for Tartan Carnival) is a tradition inherited from the main campus.  Student majlis and 25 clubs participated to organize this unforgettable event. The day was full of fun, water balloon fight, musical chairs, tug of war, wrapped up gifts, video games and many more entertaining activities.

Clubs started preparing weeks ahead for this yearly event to share entertaining activities with the rest of the CMU-Q community. Every year clubs and student majlis come up with interesting, fun and challenging activities. We have seen that clubs were excited and looking forward to showing off with their booths. Every club organized something to merge in with the fun and at the same time standout with different creative ideas. We managed to talk to some of the clubs’ presidents to find more about the preparation and how well tarnival went in their perspective.

We interviewed Saleh Al-Raisi President of Qatari Student Association (QSA) to know more about their preparations. Saleh mentioned QSA members started planning and organizing for the event since the 3rd week of classes and they were looking forward to adding to this event. However, their work was delayed due to the miscommunication between QSA and the Student Majlis. He added that QSA members stopped working for some time when they were informed that they will be given a 2X2m space for their booth. “2X2 meter area doesn’t even fit our members!” Saleh added in a sarcastic way. Every time Saleh asks about the space student majlis would reply “tomorrow you will get informed” but tomorrow was too late. It was 24th of October two weeks before the event when he got the approval to use as much space he needed. Saleh said that those delays of approvals got them to cut down many ideas because Eid break has already started and they couldn’t work during the break. However, at the end Saleh was happy with QSA booth and QSA members who managed to put up together a very successful event in a very short time. At the end he concluded, “I would like to thank all QSA members for being cooperative in putting all our activities together.”

Miscommunication didn’t only affect QSA club but also the photography club. Wadha Al-Ajmi current president of the photography club had also some troubles with getting the props she requested from student affairs for the event. She needed photography supplies for the tarnival and they were not ready on time. Wadha also mentioned that she knew that the supplies were not ordered only few days before the Tarnival and there was no time to search for props in a very short time. However, few days later student affairs managed to get the photography club the supplies they needed.

We also had the chance to interview Marwa Al.Fakhri, president of student majlis to know more about their preparation of this amazing event. Marwa said that student majlis organized this big event with the participation of clubs. They coordinated with the presidents of the clubs and took care of the all-logistical details and behind the scene processes to put together the event. When we asked Marwa about land distribution and 2×2 booths she said, “Land distribution was exactly same as last year, and the reason why we have a fixed space for all the clubs in Tarnival is to make sure that the Tarnival stays as it is a great traditions for all the Tartans to participate in equally, not one group or club taking over.”  Student majlis started planning for this event more than a month ahead, and she also mentioned that trying to fit things together on the green spine takes a lot of arrangement. Marwa was also satisfied with the event and said that it met her expectations. We can see that she appreciated all the hard work saying  “THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH”.

Tartans have enjoyed their time at the Tarnaival and appreciated all the efforts by student majlis and clubs to put together this event. When we talked to Kalid Al-Emadi current sophomore he said “it was an incredible event in a perfect timing! Thank you student majlis and all the other clubs that participated in the Tarnival.” Amira added “ the QSA were the ones that got all the food while student majlis were the main organizers of the event.” On the other hand, Noora Al-Nassr said “ I thought the music didn’t represent the diversity of the student body in CMU-Q.”

Overall after all the preparations, communication and organizing Tarnival took place on the 12th of November and everyone that attended it had fun on that day. Student Majlis was successful in organizing more than 3 rounds of water balloon fights and many different activities. What made it more exciting is that not only students took part in these activities, but also Faculty and staff were there. There were many booths and clubs that participated in different, creative ways. We saw a small mini track for radio controlled cars, video games and some activities that required getting wet. On one side QSA had a big fun booth with many different simple, yet unique games. Some games were old traditional ones while others were worldwide known games. Bringing both together in one area was something that QSA members were able to do.

The disconnection between presidents of clubs and student affairs and student majlis caused delays of preparation till the last day before the event which should be avoided in the future to have better events. We can learn from our mistakes, as there is always room for improvement in upcoming events. But at the end, People did enjoy the tarnival, while others regretted not attending it.