The Alumni Association

by All Around CMU-Q


By  Mohammed Janahi

Where are our graduates? Have they forgotten us? 😦  Why is it that most of our graduates disappear after graduation, and the only people that stick around are the ones that have a problem moving on? Well, legend has it that there is a CMUQ alumni association that takes care of this problem. After excavating CMU websites for relics of this legend and emailing the elder ones, this is what the All Round has to report.

Officially, “The Alumni Association provides the Carnegie Mellon alumni community with a variety of ways to connect and reconnect to each other, current students and the university.” . Its goal is “to offer multiple two-way channels of communication and a wide array of meaningful volunteer roles for alumni.”. CMUQ has adapted this vision and goal for its own Alumni Association.

The CMUQ Association is composed of a President, a Vice President, a Director of Communications, and a Director of Finances. CMUQ started its Alumni Association in 2008 with its first graduating batch; the president at the time was Noor Al-Thirah (BA’08). A term in the Alumni Association is two year; so in 2010 the next elected president was Mohammed Abu Zeinab (BA’09), with his team composed of Maha Mahmoud (BA‘09), Vice President,  Reem Al-Muftah (BA’09), Director of Communication , Mustafa Hasnain (BA’08), Director of Finance. Yes, lot’s of BA students. And now we are in 2012.

In its first two years, the association’s activity was limited. In 2010, that started changing and the Alumni Association of CMUQ had its first few events that included an Appreciation lunch, a Night in Town, a Night in the Museum, and a Bowling Night; an excellent improvement. And although it is an unfair comparison, it’s worth mentioning that the main campuses’ Alumni Association has a minimum of one event a week and up to 3 a day sometimes.

So, what can we do with our alumni association? what do we envision it to be? CMUQ has the habit of taking ideas from the main campus and then adding their own twist and touch to it. What are we going to with this? Invite the Alumni to Thursday Majlis? Invite them to the Carnival? End of year parties? We await the creativity of our Alumni with utmost anticipation.