To John Robertson…

by All Around CMU-Q

By Ameena Al-Haroon

The All Around team graciously welcomed your very fine words you guys had to say for Professor John Robertson, as he is going to leave the CMU-Q campus at the end of last fall semester to go and work in China, and here they are:

“He seems to have the answer to everything. Despite the long list of appointments on his door, at times I would just walk in and he would still patiently reply to all my questions.”

“I would say the Brain Bowl of this year! Even though I wasn’t playing, I was just watching. But he did a great job!!”-Mahmoud Alismail

“Talked to him a lot in the first month, he was patient to hear all my questions and complains 🙂 He used to be my adviser “-Rayan Mahmoud

“Never really talked to him.. But he ALWAYS smiled whenever he saw any of us around… Felt really awesome with him around.. Big loss to the BA students “-Sana Britto

“We played a board game called ‘Diplomacy’ where you had to take over the world and basically you could negotiate with each other. Ben Reilly was also there. Let’s just say the students didn’t quite match their counterparts in terms of strategy. In other words, They DESTROYED us. ”:(-Khalid Allouba

“I’m gonna miss “jgr” emails a lot! Can’t believe someone with as much knowledge about CMU curriculum won’t be around anymore.” –Afnan Fahim, Computer Science, Class of 2013

“Professor Robertson, you have been a wonderful mentor and it had been a great pleasure knowing you. I have learnt a lot of great things from you and I hope you the very best for your future. CMU-Q will greatly miss your presence! Have fun in China :)” –Nahan Arif, Business Administration, Class of 2013

“John Robertson has always been a veritable treasure trove of information about the mechanics of CMU course scheduling and student obligations.  But his skills go beyond academia; for several years now I’ve watched John walk by my office door limping from having run too long or walked too aggressively in his exercise program.  You must have noticed the man wearing a backpack briskly walking around the outskirts of Education City Community Housing when the temperature was above 40°. That was John Robertson staying in shape.  But my fondest memory is of seeing John in the evening walking is two little daughters, hand in hand, around the housing development the night after night.  John is a wonderful father as well as an unusually competent university administrator.  We will certainly miss him.” –George White, Associate Teaching Professor, Business Administration

“Nip it in the bud!” –Majd F. Sakr, Associate Teaching Professor & Assistant Dean for Research, Computer Science.

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