Yes, of course there is Karak in Thursday Majlis!

by All Around CMU-Q

By, Amna Al Noaimi


Karak has become recently one of the people’s addiction, as they drink Karak every time, everyday no matter which season it is. Karak is simply tea with milk, but it is not just a regular tea with milk, it has its own recipe to taste good! Although the Karak is originally an Indian drink, it became one of the local cuisines in Doha and a part of the Qatari culture.

Karak is an important element for the Thursday Majilis. As the Majlis VPs try to have the Karak on time, does it help to attract the students for the Thursday Majlis, or does it simply go under the category of ‘free food’? Even more, is it just something that tastes good?


Lets see what the President of the Student Majlis (Saleh Al-Raisi) thinks about that. Saleh thinks that Karak is an important part in the Thursday Majlis, “I think it started as a kind gesture from previous governments and it just happened that it resulted in higher, or consistent rather, attendance of Thursday Majlis. And it continued to be an expectation from there on. People got used to it”.

The students themselves mostly demand Karak. According to Saleh, the Student Majlis recognizes that Karak is in a very popular demand and a reason to attend Thursday Majlis for many students. The student’s adoration for Karak continued to be like a habit. “Karak was there in the right place at the right time,” Saleh added.


Nonetheless, as we can see that the Thursday Majis is more focused on having Karak, but Saleh and his Student Majlis team are trying to do different things that would keep students away from the Karak. “We aim to reach a point where there is more to look forward to during Thursday Majlis than just Karak, and we are currently working on that,” Saleh said.

Being the voice of our campus, what do you guys think of this very ‘phenomenon’? Will the Majlis lose its sense of existence if Karak were to not be brought? And what do you think of the current Karak quantity and quality?