Brazilya: Carnegie Mellon Finance Association kick off event!

by All Around CMU-Q

By, Latifa AlRumaihi


On February the 14th, Carnegie Mellon Finance Association brought the broadly known card game amongst Qatari’s to CMUQ’s own food court, BRAZILYA!

Carnegie Mellon Finance Association was an idea brought up by the students, in order to serve CMUQs entire diverse student body, by encouraging them to participate and experience various activities associated with Finance. Also, this association serves as an informative tool for students, since it provides knowledge and essential information for those who are interested in learning about financial markets and finance careers, and it fosters the interest of students’ in various areas of the finance world. Moreover, Carnegie Mellon Finance Association aims to develop and maintain a network of alumni and friends in finance who can share their experiences with students at Carnegie Mellon, giving them further insight about what Finance really is out there.

The club currently has sixteen students in it, with Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, a Business Administration junior, being the president of the club, and Professor Mohammed Fuad Farooqi being the advisor.

Some of you might wonder: What exactly happens in an event that revolves around a card game?



As a witness of the event, I noticed that the food court was organized in a way that allowed groups of people to sit around a table and start having their first round of Brazilya. There were five tables set, where each table could only have up to four players around it. Each table had one or two professional players of Brazilya, so they could demonstrate and guide the rest of the players through the game, how it works, and how you win. Also, around each table there was a group of observers who could only watch how Brazilya is played, so they have an idea about how the game is played when their turn is up next. The event started by having trial rounds, and once everyone got the idea and the flow of the game, the actual rounds started. It was surprising that some students caught up to the game quickly, and had consecutive wins; whereas other students blamed their losses on the fact that the game wasn’t fair. (Pshhh, sure)


Generously, Carnegie Mellon Finance Association did not only have free food and karak throughout the whole event, but it also gave away eight 50QR Virgin Megastore vouchers for the winning players.

Unpredictably, the event was literally packed with groups of students, and as Hasan Salatt, a BA sophomore said, “I didn’t expect this amount of people to be interested in Brazilya! It is surprising how one card game brought in groups of people together.” And it really did! Students were into the game, shifting from one table to another, all determined to win every round of Brazilya.

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Fortunately, we managed to get some inside information regarding the club as a whole, and regarding the event from the respected president of Carnegie Mellon Finance Association, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami.

Where has the finance club been before? Where has it been last year and the years before?

“Actually the finance club has faced many challenges during the first semester, and during its establishment, as any new club forming would. We had to go through a long recruitment process, and we faced some issues with finding an advisor. But finally, this semester, Professor Mohammed Fuad Farooqi has agreed to become our new faculty advisor. Professor Farooqi is very enthusiastic and supportive of the association. Once we sorted out everything with student affairs, we were ready to go, and so we kicked off our club by managing this event.”

 And was Brazilya Carnegie Mellon Finance Association’s very first event?

“Technically, it is our first event, but we had a mini-booth during the Tarnival, which was very successful. But the Barzilya card game event was our first real kick off event.”

But how is a card game even related to finance?

“This event is not directly related to finance, however, it helps you develop your thinking skills. It is also a fun game to play, which is really famous in Qatar, since everyone plays it or at least knows about it. Therefore, we decided to add a sense of amusement to the club. This event was made to attract various students to attend, which was our main marketing tool. If people attended our first event and enjoyed it, we can guarantee that they will make it to our second event, and they will also be looking forward to our future events.”

Speaking of your future events, what exactly do you have planned?

“We’ve got quiet a few plans for this semester which we want to compute. The first of is: A Networking Session to introduce people to the finance track and what should they expect early on, and we also give them a chance to meet their finance professors. After that, we plan to conduct various workshops for excel and Bloomberg terminal certification for stocks, and we also plan to hold finance case competitions for freshmen and sophomores. Finally, we are planning to make another final networking session with alumni who are already working in the finance industry. As for the long run, we plan to bring in guest speakers from various finance careers.”

Without any doubts, it was clear that Carnegie Mellon Finance Association put both their time and effort in running this event successfully, and certainly everyone appreciates the sense of enjoyment they added to the beginning of our weekend. On behalf of CMUQs entire student body, we send Carnegie Mellon Finance Association our sincere thanks and appreciation for pulling off such a great event.

So Tartans, any clues about what might their next event be? And would you be looking forward to it?

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