Tasmeem Doha 2013

by All Around CMU-Q


By: Maryam Al-Sulaiti

Photos are taken from VCUQ students affair FB.



From 10th-17th march, the HBKU Student Center was overflowing with events, different workshops, distinctive lectures, and all of that was part of the international art and design conference that is held twice a year and organized by VCUQ. Hybrid Making: Tasmeem Doha 2013, a conference that explores creativeness within the social makings, had gathered scholars and participators of art. It aims to engage and educate students and locals about hybridization. With different sub-conferences, exhibitions, and a fashion show, Tasmeem Doha presented such an eventful and constructive conference, having people form all over the world. Students from different schools and universities also came to visit and take part. The conference lasted one week and was organized into three phases, the first phase being the production phase, which consisted of workshops and laboratories (March 10-14th), following it was phase two, which was the rest and preparation phase. This phase was more like a break halfway through the conference, allowing artists to prepare their pieces as well as to have the opportunity to relax. The last phase, which was 2 days long, consisted of the dissemination conference, focusing on the more traditional aspects.

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Did you take part in the conference? What did you think?