The IMPAQT of Brain Bowl

by All Around CMU-Q

By: Bushra Memonphoto(2)

Just like any other semester, this semester’s Brain Bowl was thrilling and fun-filled , thanks to Professor Ben Reilly’s mind boggling questions and humor. Brain Bowl ’13, though, was exceptional with the participation of the IMPAQT team, who also turned out to be the winners. The IMPAQT team consisted of Aveed Shaikh and Vanessa Fernandez from the Qatar campus and Hira Ahmad and Jay Chopra from the Pittsburgh campus.

What really fascinated us that the three other teams had faculty members in it, thus they could capitalize on the faculty knowledge. However, in our case, we did not have a faculty member but still we were able to win the competition.” -Aveed Shaikh


The competition, as usual, was intense but the IMPAQT team approached the questions in a smart and strategic way, brainstormed collectively, discussed between themselves and thus everyone contributed to reach the answers.

Being part of Brain Bowl, and especially of the super-hyper-mega-cool-funky-guys was an amazing experience. We were a very unique team; on one hand, we had professor Szudzik winning most of our team’s points and from the other end, I was answering as many answers as possible, and losing many points in the process. However, this semester’s Brain Bowl was just a start; next time, we will strike with all our might inshallah!” –Mohammed Benkermi

The IMPAQT folks recollected to me later after the event that they really enjoyed the whole Brain Bowl experience including Prof. Reilly’s clever questions, audience questions, as well as free CMU-branded giveaways.”- Aveed Shaikh

This semester’s Brain Bowl remained one of the best moments the IMPAQT folks had on their trip.