Debate Team… Who?

by All Around CMU-Q

By Ameena Al Haroon

With the Qatar Universities Debating League ending in February, the CMUQ Debate Society is proud to prove its stance once again on topping the speakers chart. Our brilliant debaters debated against teams from Georgetown, Weill Cornell, College of North Atlantic, Qatar University, Texas A&M, the Academic Bridge Program, and Stenden. The leagues started in October and Ended in February, followed by the Nationals held in Weill Cornell on March the 29th and 30th. Our debaters won awards of the following categories:

Best Speaker Award (QUDL), 1st place: Narcis Jafarian

Best Speaker Award (QUDL), 9th place: Mohamed Benkermi

Best Novice Speaker Award (QUDL), 1st place: Bilal Anwar Sheikh

Best Speaker Award (Nationals), 1st place: Patrick Steinhagen

Best Speaker Award (Nationals), 2nd place: Dana Al-Ansari

Best Speaker Award (Nationals), 5th place: Narcis

Congratulations to our great debaters!

However, given the marvelous winning strike that CMUQ is taking in debating, do you guys think that it’s getting the enough amount of recognition in campus? Should there be more activities from the club to engage the rest of the campus in it? Is debating really all about ‘knowing it all’ in politics, economy, and other stories related to current events? Drop some comments and more questions below to let us know what you think.