CEC’s Global Bash: Bringing Cultures together

by All Around CMU-Q

By Bushra Memon,


One of CMU’s biggest event this semester, the Global Bash organized by CEC (Cultural Exchange Club) , aimed at giving the Education City a holistic experience of different cultures from around the world. The Global bash gave the students a ride from Africa’s  Saharan traditions  and East asia’s sword fighting   , to North America’s football game , Eastern Europe’s and Hispanic world’s , all brought together  on the Green Spine.

The enthusiastic CEC volunteers who represented different regions came dressed up in their specific traditional dresses and arranged activities that helped the visitors to learn more about these cultures. Not to forget, the traditional dishes like sushi from the Eastern Asia, pancakes from the Arctic and Biryani from South Asia all added up to the multicultural diversity CEC aimed to create.

Which traditional activity/ food/clothes did you like the most? Comment below and let it go All Around!