The Freshmen Story (Fall 2013)

by All Around CMU-Q

By All Around CMUQ

So it’s been a month since the fall semester of 2013 has started. And, it’s not too late to say that everyone’s already getting along the rush of university work, club activities, HBKU events, and much other stuff. Some of our Tartans around the campus, however, are still on the verge of finding themselves: The Freshmen. Change must be coming at them rapidly! It is not easy for upper classmen to adjust to such a change either. After conducting a minor role of being the sociologist in the house, I have observed few things commonly taking place in campus this year. And, as far as I have investigated, I wasn’t the only one.

Common Incidence #1: As a junior student who has already established her life in campus, I find it frustrating to find a group of freshmen occupying my table at the food court in any given day. The fact that my friends and I have a meeting spot for us to gather (that is, our table at the food court) after almost every class clearly facilitates our university routine. But it’s not like that when you can’t help but face situations of niche invasion! Asma Al Naama, a Biological Science freshmen said, “I really don’t care if I happen to see myself sitting in some upper classmen’s spot. After all, the tables in the food court aren’t labeled by people’s names!’ Al Naama has also added, ‘I think the upperclassmen hate it whenever we talk. They always have this look on their faces that read, “You’re kids therefore you’re wrong, and we’re right.”’

Common Incidence #2: Whoever hasn’t complained yet about how noisy the library has recently been have probably been there only to print something and leave. The place isn’t a study-oriented place anymore, as it turned out that it is the perfect place for steamy freshmen discussions. Apparently, they’re getting it wrong. Yes, we see them doing calculus problems while in the library, but our young Tartans might probably need to acquire the norms of working in the library. Are the signs posted in the library not enough? If so, then that should probably be a whole new discussion..

These were a couple of the common incidents starring the freshmen while they, unfortunately, seemed like they were trying to violate some campus ‘norms’—the Don’ts! Any Dos, though? Feel free to contribute to this story in the comment section below.