CMUQ’s Annual Public Debate

by All Around CMU-Q

“This House Believes That Reality Television Does More Harm Than Good”, CMUQ’s Debating Society debated yesterday.

As an activity of promoting the organization to the audience of CMUQ, the Debating Society hosted its first public event of the year, which took place in lecture hall 1062 during lunchtime. The event witnessed a good turnout of students and a faculty member from the Student Affairs, with most students from the Class of 2018.

The debaters of the topic were returning students from CMUQ (i.e. seniors, juniors, and sophomores), and they volunteered to showcase what university-level debates are like for the audience. The two sides of the debate consisted of the following students:

  1. Opening Proposition: Syed Zuhair, Valerie Garcia
  2. Closing Proposition: Mohamed Benkermi, Tarek Al-Hariri
  3. Opening Opposition: Nawal Mir, Ameena Al-Haroon
  4. Closing Opposition: Bilal Sheikh, Yousuf Akhlaq
  5. The debate was chaired by Bashayer Al-Saadi.

Due to demonstration purposes, no winning team was announced after the debate was over.