Let’s Communicate

by All Around CMU-Q

By Hassan Salatt


As soon as this Student Majlis was elected, Tarek (President of Student majlis) had an important major goal in mind that he hoped to achieve. His goal was getting the students to communicate and raise their voice to not only share their concerns and complaints, but also to share updates and exciting news about the CMU-Q community.

Whether it was from students or from clubs and organizations, communication was always welcomed in the Student Majlis. Student majlis realize how important communication is. They also want to hear feedback from the student therefor the tried few initiatives, for instance instead of only calling students to come and communicate, they have the ‘Talk to Tarek’ corner in every Thursday majlis which will insure a better communication. The last initiative of them was to introduce new committees under student majlis executives. The first is the Student Organizations Committee (SOC), which consists of all the club presidents representing their clubs. In addition to that, they introduced the class committee, which consists of 8 elected members (2 from each batch) representing their class. Finally, the Academic committee, which has different members from different majors who are here to raise all students’ concerns.

Student Majlis welcomed them all to the team on Thursday and on behalf of the All-Around CMU-Q team I would like to welcome them all wishing them the best of luck in their new positions.


Finally, we can see that student majlis has taken many steps to reach the students’ voice and raise it to the right people, it is now the Students’ turn to take the last step and communicate all their ideas and concerns to the right members of the team. In the end the aim is to improve the CMU-Q community in every possible way.