Poem by Umair Qazi


Remember that catchy poem by Umair Qazi in the recent Tartan’s Got Talent show? Well, we finally have it! Thank you Umair for sharing it with us.

We are Tartans.
We are Stars.

“We are aiming high and breaking bars.
We are Tartans
We are stars
There will be fights.
There will be scars.
But fear not, O Tartans.
We will pull through such wars.
Because we are Tartans.
We are stars.

All of us have something to share,
To love, to support and to care.
The amazing Mark Stehlik will always be there.
And Gloria, and Mellisa, and Fatima, and Kevin,
And the whole of Students’ Affairs.
We all dreamed of this.
We all are finally here.
This is where our fears will disappear.
We are finally here, we’re finally here.
This is Carnegie Mellon.
Gear up, buck up and for an exciting year.
This is where you will learn to steer,
The ship of life and and your career.
We are aiming high
And reaching for the stars.
We are Tartans!
We are stars!
There will be struggles.
There will be scars.
But fear not, O Tartans.
We will break all such walls.
Because we are Tartan Stars.
Because we are Tartan Stars.
We all took the road less travelled.
The mystery of life will start to unravel.
It may feel like hell sometimes
But friends will help us get through those times,
Mark my words,
It’s going to be hard.
But fear not O Tartans,
We will pull through such wars.
We are tartans,
We all are stars.

“Sleep is only for the weak”
We will hear this many times.
“I really had a bad week.”
Such words will echo in our minds.
“I wish it was easier.”
We will want this to be true.
But recall Randy’s words about walls.
These walls we must break.
We must rise each time when we fall.
Mark my words,
It’s going to be hard.
But fear not O Tartans,
We will pull through such wars.
We are tartans,
We all are stars.
We are Tartan Stars.

“My heart in the work” must we be reminded.
We will party hard and also work hard.
We must rise each time when we fall.
We all are Tartans.
We all are stars.”


Humans of CMUQ

Story: Ashwini Kamath, Photography: Fatma Tlili

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 3.58.35 PM

Zan Naeem
Computer Science, Class of 2018

“On the first day I came to CMU, I thought I was going to meet a bunch of nerds. And I was right, but they were cool nerds, and that’s really what matters. Everybody is kind to each other, everybody treats each other with respect, and that’s what I was seeking in a community. I didn’t want to be in a community that was one extreme or the other extreme. They’re all in the middle, and they’re all intelligent people. I’m glad to be a Tartan. Zan, the Tartan,” he recalled.

Muna Al-Husseiny, Co-president of the Big Movement Club Business Administration, Class of 2016

Muna Al-Husseiny, Co-President of The Big Movement
Business Administration, Class of 2016

“The inspiration came from the amount of stress we saw people exhibiting throughout the semester. People are very fast paced, and they get a lot of stress because they’re worried about the grade they’ll get. We just want to tell people that it’s okay to stop, take a break, have pancakes, eat some comfort food, and it is okay to relax and unwind.” [On Crunch Time Lunch]

2014’s Tartan’s Got Talent



As 2014 marks its fifth year anniversary, the annual Tartan’s Got Talent show never fails to entertain and surprise the CMUQ community with the hidden amount of talents. Singing big hit songs, dancing to great Desi music, and playing nice melodies on instruments were all showcased last week on Thursday by some of our community members.

As the performers ranged from faculty and staff to students, the acts had a lot to say about the creativity our campus embraces.

If you have missed the show, here is a list of some of the performances:

‘Can’t Hold Us’: Faculty, staff, and alumni dance by Kevin D’Arco, Melissa Deschamps, Amy Walker, Jennifer Gray, Rafay Manzoor, Fatima Mujahid, and Maria Khan.

‘Nassam Alaina El-Hawa’: Strings by Abdullah Al-Khenji and Sakib Mahmoud.

Beat boxing by Zehni Khairullah.


‘November Rain’, originally by Guns N’ Roses: Band performance by Sakib Mahmoud, Vanessa Fernandes, Bilal Sheikh, and Prince George Abraham.

‘All of Me’, originally by John Legend: Band performance by Parmiss Goudarzi.


Piano performance by Fatma Abdulla Al-Emadi.

Desi dance by Sanjeet Sahni, Vanessa Fernandes, Shahan Ali Memon, Andreea Nan, Sharmin Islam Ahona, Mehak Manwani, Sampriti Jain, Dana Samhadaneh, Sulaiman Mahmood, Shashank Shetty, Talha Anis, and Zain Najam Minhas.

‘Ya Mal El-Sham’, originally by Sabah Fakhri: Band performance by Mohammed Zehni.

‘Little Talks’, originally by Of Monsters and Men: Band performance.

‘We Are Tartans, We Are Stars’: A poem.