Humans of CMUQ

by All Around CMU-Q

Story: Ashwini Kamath, Photography: Fatma Tlili

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Zan Naeem
Computer Science, Class of 2018

“On the first day I came to CMU, I thought I was going to meet a bunch of nerds. And I was right, but they were cool nerds, and that’s really what matters. Everybody is kind to each other, everybody treats each other with respect, and that’s what I was seeking in a community. I didn’t want to be in a community that was one extreme or the other extreme. They’re all in the middle, and they’re all intelligent people. I’m glad to be a Tartan. Zan, the Tartan,” he recalled.

Muna Al-Husseiny, Co-president of the Big Movement Club Business Administration, Class of 2016

Muna Al-Husseiny, Co-President of The Big Movement
Business Administration, Class of 2016

“The inspiration came from the amount of stress we saw people exhibiting throughout the semester. People are very fast paced, and they get a lot of stress because they’re worried about the grade they’ll get. We just want to tell people that it’s okay to stop, take a break, have pancakes, eat some comfort food, and it is okay to relax and unwind.” [On Crunch Time Lunch]