A New Era, A New Majlis

by All Around CMU-Q



The semester came to an end as we drew closer to the New Year and, with it, a new Student Majlis Administration.

The current Majlis have faithfully represented us and worked hard to better our Carnegie Mellon experience and now they pass this responsibility on to a new Majlis Administration.

The results of the voting were announced during the last Thursday Majlis of the Fall semester and this year saw the highest number of votes (and percentage of votes) reaching a remarkable 322 votes. 137 votes by BA students, 64 votes by CS students, 80 votes by IS students, 35 votes by BS students and 2 votes by CB students (4 abstained from specifying). 71, 64, 91, and 88 seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen voted respectively (8 abstained from specifying). The results of the voting are as follows:

President: Mohamed Al Hor

Vice President: Maryam Al Haddad

Head of Finance: Yousuf Akhlaq

Head of Communications: Mounir Sheikh

Head of Clubs & Orgs: Shashank Shetty

Head of Academics: Vishan Popat

Head of Sports: Sherif Rizk

We can already see contact and coordination between the new members and their predecessors as is to be expected as institutions like the Student Majlis can be analogous to a chain; while each individual link is an entity on its own, it is nonetheless closely connected to its predecessors and successors. The new Majlis members will no doubt learn from their predecessors’ experiences and knowledge and they too will pass on similar knowledge to their successors.

The most notable change that we will see with this coming term is the full implementation of the new Majlis structure. Our Director of the Office of Student Activities and First Year Programs, Kevin D’Arco,is excited to see how the new structure plays out.

“Tarek’s Majlis and the executive branch did a really nice job of thinking of new ways to include more voices in the student government and student government decisions. This comes from all the work that they did last spring to get people’s opinions and get suggestions to come up with a structure that worked. And they did a lot of work in the fall to put it in place. I think one of the most exciting things for me with this new Majlis is we get to see it play out.”

-Kevin D’Arco,

Director of the Office of Student Activities and First Year Programs

Indeed, it will be very exciting to enter this new era of increased representation in the Majlis where Tartans’ voices will be heard to an even greater degree than before.