Humans of CMUQ

Story: Bushra Memon

“This is as close to a rugby picture as I could find – it is a picture of me when I went to Australia for a rugby match in 1998.” – Professor Crista Crittenden, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

“The next day after my university’s rugby team lost the match at State Championships where I also sprained both my ankles, there was a special tradition at the school called “Party in the Park” where they had an all day concert at a local park.  So even though my ankles were killing me, I went.  It got very rowdy at this party, and at one point someone threw a glass bottle up in the air.  And of course out of the hundreds of people there, it came smashing down on my head. I was standing, talking to my boyfriend at the time and he said “Whoa, good thing you were standing there or it would have hit me!” and he walked away (he wasn’t my boyfriend for that much longer).  I noticed that blood was gushing out of my head, so I went over to an ambulance nearby. After they wrapped my head in gauze, I hung around to see the last group (A Tribe Called Quest) play, and I started noticing that people were pointing at me and generally looking horrified.  Apparently, the gauze wrapped around my head was completely covered with blood, and with my two sprained ankles causing me to limp horribly, I looked like one of the Zombies from The Walking Dead.  My friends finally took me to the hospital, where the doctors were more concerned about my ankles (now each the size of rugby balls!) then my head. By the time I left the emergency room, I was in a wheelchair and I had seven large staples in my head.  A week later I went home for the summer looking a little beat up, and my mom said “You are not going back to that school!” I actually agreed, and ended up transferring to the University of Rochester, where I started to become the genius professor that I am today!”

Erica MinKyung Kang Biological Sciences, Class of 2016

Erica MinKyung Kang Biological Sciences, Class of 2016

“When I was in school, a typical Korean girl, I realized that everyone around me who were getting A’s were not really motivated about life but rather were only studying in order to imitate or conform to the society. I did not want to do that, I did not want to follow the majority and have the same mentality. I was young and I wanted to challenge myself, so I decided to travel in order to change my life. The world is wide and big and there is so much to learn from it which I cannot do if I stay in my comfort zone. It was difficult to persuade my parents because I am their only daughter and Korea is still a conservative society. I was scared and nervous when I decided this but the moment my flight left from Korea, I was alright. My motivation really came from the belief I had in myself and in the positive energy of the universe. If you are motivated to do something challenging, you should know that it is the right thing to do. If you really want to do something and change your life, do not give up as it is always difficult to initiate. When you are motivated, there so many ways to solve the problems that arise. When we are young, we need to challenge ourselves because that will decide how we shape our lives. The way you think, the way you perceive, the way you feel is all up to you.”


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