Fashionable Students Series: MinKyung Kang

By Wadha Al-Jaber

MinKyung Kang is a South Korean student who is majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Business Administration. With her bubbly personality, charismatic aura, and versatile fashion sense, MinKyung was able to capture everyone’s attention, including mine. So naturally, I picked up the phone, contacted her and the rest is history.

MinKyung, since you like traveling and exploring other cultures and traditions, do you think traveling influenced your fashion sense in any way? 

Not really, but the way people looked at my style motivated me to look more presentable to others. For example, in Qatar, there are not many vintage shops, and like many other Koreans I love vintage, but the thing is wearing vintage is not unique in Korea, but a lot of people here in Qatar adore my items, so I got motivated more to find better vintage shops in Korea.

Who is your style icon and why? 

Actually, I don’t have a style icon. I never follow anyone, but I like to look at pictures of people’s street style.

Describe your style in 3 words:

Ambitious, Fabulous, and Plastic

What do you mean by plastic? 

My friends call me plastic as a compliment, because my make-up and style are very well done almost like a Barbie doll.

What’s your favorite item in your closet? 

Since I love vintage and crazy patterns, my favorite item is a vintage patterned dress.

What is the ultimate fashion tip you would like to share with us?

Do not try to follow the majority, and don’t try to follow trends just because they are hot and popular. Try to find what really defines you and try to be unique in order to differentiate yourself. I think that having your own style is the most important thing.



MinKyung, If you had to choose between the following, which one would you choose:

1) Flats or heels? Heels

2) Dark or nude lipstick? Dark. I love bright colors!

3) A short black dress or a leather jacket? A leather jacket. Obviously!

4) Vintage or runway? Vintage

5) Black or platinum hair? Platinum




Day one outfit details:

Shirt: Vintage

Pants: South Korean Store

Shoes: Uterquë

Watch: Marc Jacobs






Day two outfit details:

T-shirt: Street Shop in South Korea

Jeans: Street Shop in South Korea

Hat: Street Shop in South Korea

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Sneakers: Adidas





Day three outfit details:

Dress: Vintage Shop in South Korea (That is MinKyung’s favorite item in her closet)

Shoes: Zara


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