What Every CMU-Q Student Goes Through

by All Around CMU-Q

by Wadha Al-Jaber

There is nothing more adorable than looking at pictures of babies and toddlers. So, I asked CMU-Q students to send me their pictures when they were babies or toddlers to illustrate what each and every CMU-Q student goes through during his/her 4 sometimes 5 or 6 years of college (depending on whether you’re a good student or not LOL). Happy read!

OMG! CMU is so chill this week *Partaaay*


I don’t have anything due tomorrow. LIFE IS GOOD!


Ugh. Can I not go to CMU today…


Should I sleep or continue studying? Oh the dilemma..


Wait, what? We have THREE midterms on the same day?


You guys, I CANNOT do this! I’m going to FAIL.


Well, I guess a C is good enough after all….


The midterm’s average is 50? and we are BELOW average?


What should I have for lunch today? Ugh stop it. Focus on the lecture!


Will I get an A if I laughed at the professor’s lame jokes?


Hey! What are you looking at? We were up all night studying!


Why do I feel guilty for attending this wedding? Am I forgetting something?


Go to college they said. It will be fun they said.

FullSizeRender copy

I think I’m finally getting it. Oh wait, no I don’t…


Did I click submit though? *panics*


From top to bottom:

Sherif Rizk, Business Administration: class of 2017

Zehni Khairullah, Information Systems: class of 2016

Nada Arakji, Business Administration: class of 2016

Umm-Kulthum Umlai, Biological Sciences: class of 2016

Anas Farah, Business Administration: class of 2016

Fatima Amir, Biological Sciences: class of 2016

Wadha Al-Jaber, Business Administration: class of 2016

Narjis Premjee, Business Administration: class of 2016

Syed Hayyan Ali, Information Systems: class of 2016

Sanjeet Sahni, Business Administration: class of 2017

Amna and Maryam Al-Sulaiti, Business Administration, and Biological Sciences: class of 2016

Shashank Shetty, Information Systems: class of 2017

Reem Saad, Business Administration: class of 2016

Bilal Sheikh, Business Administration: class of 2016

Amna Darwish, Information Systems: class of 2017