The Biology Students: lost in the White Maze.

by All Around CMU-Q

By, Bushra Memon.


Found new home or still an enemy territory ?

Since the semester began, the Bio majors are seen quiet less on the campus owing to their new course in the rival university, Cornell,  or more precisely, “the white maze”. They fear they might end up spending most of their time within the white walls of Cornell when they take about 3 courses there next semester. Fighting the dilemma of having multi-identity, the biology majors now wish to get more involved with the activities here in Tartanland. [They all like Cornell’s  ID batches more than CMU’s]

Adventures in the  “White Maze”

After struggling for a couple of days to find the shortest path to Cornell, they finally discovered a one-way short-cut exiting Cornell which is actually an emergency exit through which one can only get out of the building and not in. The next day, taking the same route, half of them get stuck in between the exit door and the prison like bars outside the building. Finally, it clicked them to look for a hidden door amongst the bars and they all got through.

“Professional” day for BIO majors?

Unexpectedly, HMC and Sidra Hospital have planned to appear on the Professional day thus delighting the Biology students to the extreme. Being the second batch in the degree program, this news seems to be very exciting for them.