Is the Students Lounge Excluding Qatari Girls?

by All Around CMU-Q

By Amna Al-Noaimi


CMUQ’s Student Lounge (or recreation room) was built for students to hang out during their breaks or after their classes’ time. It is equipped with many entertainment facilities like table tennis, foosball, video games, vending machines, a computer cluster (that includes a printer as well!), and a couple of couches for the students to relax or do their homework on.

However, if you’ve been there, you will notice that a wide range of students uses the recreation room except for Qatari girls! You can barely see them spending time there!


In a response to a question I asked, Ghaya Al-Sulaiti and Sara Al-Sulaiti, two Qatari Female students at CMUQ, expressed that the places they like to hangout at in CMU are the atrium (The Majlis Area) and the library.

‘I had to go to the recreation room once for a book club meeting that was hosted there, and that was it,’ said Sara. On the other hand, Akhmed Sungorov and Khalid Allouba, two other students that go to the recreation room everyday, think that the place is ‘fun and convenient’, as Allouba likes to describe it. ‘We sometimes see some Qatari girls in the recreation room. They come only for either the vending machine or for the computer cluster,’ added Sungorov.

Khalid thinks that the reasons Qatari girls don’t come to the Students Lounge is because it is loud and full of guys. He also pointed out that he he’d heard from some of the girls that the smell of the rec room is bad but he doesn’t think it is. To this day, there seems to be no proper and explicit answer for why do Qatari girls don’t go to the Students Lounge.